Move to sustainability is not only in the approach but how to fit your brand's DNA.UA is a pioneer in sustainability cosmetics packaging supplier and provides fully customized solution according to your brand story.   .Secret behind customized solution is full solutions
.PCR(Recycled PET/PE/PP)
.Bioplastic sugarcane PE
.Refillable packaging
 (airless, Jar, lipstick, deodorant, foundation stick)
.100% recyclable (Bottle, Jar, Deodorant)
Make your next product launch part of the sustainability journey with a significant reduction in virgin resin (MAX 100% share).
A well-executed sustainability story can attract positive press, increase sales, and grow brand loyalty among discerning consumers that incorporate these values in their purchase decisions. Ocean topic is one of best options.
Ideal solution that follows today's recycling streams without sacrificing quality and performance.This way,it enters a circular life cycle and can be turned into another product rather landfill or burn.
The last step to your 100% recyclable packaging brand goal.
Not all virgin plastic material is derived from fossil origin. Green PE is a bioplastic produced from renewable sources and production of every gram is absorbing CO2 rather emission, what's more this material maintains proprieties, performance and versatility of fossil plastic and 100% recyclable too.
You shouldn't have to sacrifice a quality,upscale look for environmental sustainability-you can have it all!
These certifications are able to guarantee that sustainable packaging is made from authentic sustainable material and sustainable manufacture, with these strong proof, you could build believable sustainability brand image easily.
We know global specific standards and help you match them perfectly. A well-executed sustainability story can attract positive press, increase sales, and grow brand loyalty and influential retailors help consumer distinguish sustainable product by special label, we'll help make your sustainable pack development strategy to make sure that your brand is involved in this list.
It's future Sustainability is in which we strongly believe in and which perfectly meets the current market trend and, we are so sure,also of the near future. If you have interest in things we're making, let's have a conversation to learn your business and challenges.
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