At UA, customer service is put front and center. Clients worldwide trust us with their projects because of our comprehensive and professional service that’s unmatched.

1.  Professional sales staff. Packaging information is provided swiftly, accurately and to the point, ensuring an effective communication.

2.  Unlimited network and resources. UA does more: in addition to manufacturing, our service includes design, engineering, custom tooling and filling as well.

3.  After-sales service. Our sales process involves following the packaging until a product is launched to the market and beyond.  

4.  Flexible lead times. With our large manufacturing plants and wide resources, we ensure flexibility for adjusting the production time to your needs.


1.  Professional sales staff.

Multi-channel and multi-language assistance take any worries out of the customer’s hand. Whether it’s the availability of product samples, or the need for suggestions on a new project; we’ll make arrangements for offering the best possible solutions. Our quick and highly customized solutions are what make us the best one-stop-shop for your packaging requirements in China.

2.  Unlimited network and resources.

Complete solutions are inclusive of supplying external components like labels, metal components, etc. Because of our decade long presence in the Chinese manufacturing industry, we’ve built a vast network of suppliers and contractors. This advantage allows us to keep you continuously informed of the most unique and cost effective new products available.

3.  After-sales service.  

Our sales staff follows projects closely, keeping track of the clients’ needs and feedback after delivery.  Whether it’s any issues with filling, or product launch queries, all post-delivery matters are handled in a timely and just manner to achieve satisfactory resolutions.

4.  Flexible lead times.

Because UA operates a large scale production, orders are foremost always delivered on time, but it also allows room for production re-arrangements. This will help to speed up a customer’s order when it’s the most urgent of times.