UA partners with Eastman to provide a higher level of sustainable packaging for beauty brands to avoid sacrifice of luxury look for eco-friendly attributes.
We achieve ISCC PLUS certification in 2021 as proof of true sustainable supply chain from material to production.
Certification: ISCC-PLUS-Cert-US201-70601240


Polyester renewal technology allows us to divert a broad range of waste polyesters beyond water bottles, such as carpet and textiles, from the landfill.


This technology converts materials back to their building blocks through the process of glycolysis or methanolysis, depending on the type of feedstock. This creates high-grade materials, ensuring that product performance and quality are not compromised. Capturing postindustrial waste as feedstock as part of the process delivers a truly circular solution.


The cristal Renew portfolio of materials is available in standard loadings of 30% and 50%, with the possibility to achieve 100% certified recycled content in future.



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