Sustainability pcr
This recycled material is made from single-use packaging whose main part is bottle, using PCR material meaning less virgin plastic waste, less landfill plastic waste which is practical solution to represent brand sustainability, that's the reason why it's most mentioned solution in sustainability policy of influential beauty brands.
Normal production of PCR begins with the collection and sorting of discarded plastics in commercial and residential recycling programs. The recovered items are ground, washed, dried and pelletised. To guarantee quality of product made from PCR material,only recyclable plastic can be collected because recycling process makes plastic degrade, others can't be recycled and reused at all. Now the most used PCR material is PP, PE and PET.

No risk, all PCR material passed same strict quality tests as virgin plastic in professional 3rd test organization like TUV, SGS and we also do complete function test in each project to check if there's risk of infunction. Kindly contact us to get certificates and test reports like MSDS
PCR material can be turned into beauty packaging same as virgin plastic and be produced with stock pack mold directly without any additional charge of new tooling. Full packaging categories can be made from PCR here including closure, tube, jar, bottle, airless, dispenser, deodorant.
UA launched PCR packaging development in 2017 which is earlier than competitors and because of mature, advanced production tech after more tests and rich cooperation experience, you can find a full range of stock packaging components made from PCR PET, PP, PE and MAX share 100% to lower the use of virgin material.
Perhaps 100% isn't available for some components or not fit your project sometimes but every action replacing virgin material during the production process with PCR-be it 100% or even 20% of total volume-is a step in the right direction
Definitely it is! Using recycled material doesn't mean that the only choice is wild, origin aesthetics Full customizations whatever component color, print are available and you can choose the right colors and decorating processes to create an eye-catching, powerful, impactful design.
PCR material is one of most recognized sustainability standard now and A well-executed sustainability story can attract positive press, increase sales, and grow brand loyalty, using this material makes brand easy to develop reliable sustainable product for consumer.
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Just email us the model in catalogue or website and mention that PCR material is needed then finishes, same as usual product enquiry and we'll give prompt reply 24hrs to help your project like providing sample, making quote.

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