Estimate of at least 8 million tons of plastic is making its way into the ocean each year and 80% of waste is originated from land. Focusing on capturing OBP before it becomes ocean plastic is therefore a direct and very effective way to lessen our environmental impact! We want to cooperate with beauty brands all over the world to reduce plastic waste and protect our ocean through ocean bound plastic packaging.
    • It is found within 50km (30mi) distance of an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds into the ocean.
    • The country or region lacks waste management infrastructure and collection incentives.
    • The infrastructure is being overwhelmed by population growth or tourism.
    • There is a significant risk to wildlife if plastic contaminates their ecosystem.
    • Jambeck, J.R., Andrady, A., Geyer, R., Narayan, R., Perryman, M., Siegler, T., Wilcox, C., Lavender Law, K., (2015). Plastic Waste inputs from land into the ocean, Science, 347, p. 768-771.

Discarded plastic bottles are picked up by plastic collectors from areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution.

  At the factory, the plastic is washed, sanitised and processed into raw material flakes or pellets   The recycled plastic has certified traceability from coastline collection until it becomes sustainable recycled packaging. Offering you a better plastic choice.  
  We work with the world's first and leading 100% independent, third-party certification organization of ocean-bound plastics that Ocean cycle to bring trust and transparency for ocean-bound material with a verified chain of custody covering ethical coastal collection through to manufacturing, kindly contact with us to get certificates and material test reports.

We can turn ocean bound plastic into packaging. This process not only uses plastic waste, it helps to limit the amount of virgin plastic production. PCR Packaging Solutions also reduce greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to the virgin plastic lifecycle (Emits 55% fewer greenhouse gases compared to virgin plastic).

Available packaging categories: closure, bottle, jar
Full customization same as virgin plastic whatever component color, printing.
Material categories: PP/PE/PET
MAX Ocean Bound Plastic share is 100%
Stock model can be produced with ocean bound plastic directly without any additional tooling charge for special mold
Ocean plastic waste is an unquestionable threat to oceans, waterways and can be loaded specific terms to bring emotional ideas to the conversation that is exactly why it has an important role in the conversations between consumers and the beauty industry. But this story requires a more nuanced message from brands to be told to society, you can be involved in this
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